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Preservation Inlet

We had the pleasure of designing a very special map for Annie, as a memento of her time in Preservation Inlet on a charter boat. All her favourite ports and anchorages are marked, as well as a huge number of sounding points to balance the uncharted land area. We also added a special touch by tracing the silhouette of her boat, the MV Takapu on the back of the map. The MV Takapu took diving, fishing and hunting groups into the wild and isolated Southern Fiords, and in addition to the lifelong friends, Annie came away with a treasure trove of stories. We’d love to share some here, but as Annie told me, what goes on tour, stays on tour…

HOWEVER - the most Hugest of Thanks must go to Aran @The Furnace your detail is truely remarkable, you a very talented, clever individual.

You have truely captured a chapter of my past life and i place i love more than anything so so well..

I will truely treasure this piece of your art forever.

So Amazing, with all my heart i sincerely thankyou xox

Awesome touch of boat on back x - thankyou

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