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About Us

Our mission is to create beautiful art work for your home that has a minimal impact on the planet 

Handcrafted by us

Aran Gluemeister.jpg

All of our art works are fully designed and made by us in our workshop in Lyall Bay. The design process starts with Aran in front of the computer for a few hours designing the art work from the contour information. Once he has created his virtual design and tweaked it for cutting, our trusty laser cutter does the grunt work of cutting the details to the highest precision. We then sand, stain, glue and frame all the little bits together, focusing on finishing each piece to the highest quality. Read more about how we make our art works here>>

Our story

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The Furnace was set up in 2016 by husband and wife team Aran and Maeve Pudney. Our desire to lead a more balanced lifestyle with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of our young family was the initial driver. Read more about us here>>



Why should a small business put in the effort to consider the planet? Well why not, everyday we make choices that affect the planet and our future, whether we think about them or not. As the effects of global pollution start to show themselves both businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of how they can make better choices. Together we can all make a difference. Read more about how we minimise our impact on the planet here>>

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