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Lewis Paape Gallery

Simon Kiddle has nearly 20 years of experience in the framing business, serving the framing needs of the people of Lower Hutt as well as supporting the needs of local artists. Simon is sole charge of the gallery

which is 100% NZ owned and operated and has been running for more than 30 years now. With his attention to detail and great customer service, Simon has been making the frames for our Large and Custom artworks since we started. He likes using NZ made mouldings supplied by Crawfords in Christchurch, also a NZ owned family business. Crawfords make and supply our custom moldings directly to Simon.

Simon loves "being able to enhance all types of artwork through picture framing, it is a real joy to see customers' reactions when they collect their work :-)." He has worked on all kinds of artworks over the years.

"I would have to say my favourite would have to be a Goldie which i was privileged enough to be able to watch being restored and then framed,following that probably one of the earlier jobs we did for Irene van Dyke, a huge frame with dress, shoes, medals, trophies and photos, a huge challenge, but a great joy to do!"

You can check out his work on his website or on facebook


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