Font sets for Scrabble

We have done a range of letter sets to pimp your Scrabble set, engraved and cut from our signature bamboo. They are all 5mm thick solid bamboo, ideal gifts for a Scrabble fanatic, graphic designers love'em, and if you happen to know a typographer, how could you not?

We only have a few sets of these


Bodoni - Classic serif font from the 1700's

Times New Roman - ubiquitious serif font from the 1900's

Comic Sans - Most polarising font in history, 1995

Blade Runner (with extra title font tile in place of 1 blank)

Corleone (From the Godfather, just in case...)

Upper East Side - Stylish deco style font

Helvetica - Quite possibly the greatest font of all time.


Font sets for Scrabble


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