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Rotorua Lakes 52 x 42

Rotorua Lakes

This medium size artwork features the many lakes in the Rotorua area.

Amazing to have so many stunning lakes in one area, Lake Rotoiti, Lake Okataina, Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake), Lake Tarawera, Lake Rotomahana, Lake Okareka, Lake Rotokawau, Lake Rotoma, Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake), Lake Rotoehu and of course Lake Rotorua. Other features included from the area are Rotorua Township, Ngongotaha, Mourea, Rotokawa, Te Ngae, Whangamarino, Hauparu, Rotoehu, Te Wairoa, Tumunui with all the roads shown in full detail.

Mokoia Island, Gisbourne Point and Mt Tarawera are also shown.

You can of course get your favourite place marked if we haven't got it in there.


Our 3d wooden artworks are made to order. Due to the handcrafted nature of our art works and the natural eco friendly materials used, each map varies slightly and the image shown is indicative only.


Layers: 7 layers

Outside Dimensions: 520mm wide, 420mm high, 40mm deep

Weight: approx. 7kg

Rotorua Lakes 52 x 42


All of our maps are made from layers of sustainable bamboo ply and framed in FSC pine frames. Our art maps are entirely designed and hand made by us in our Lyall Bay workshop. We have worked hard to make a beautiful and sustainable art work for you. Read more about how your art map is made here.

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