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Wanaka Collection

We have really enjoyed putting the Wanaka Collection together over the last few weeks. With the lakes, the town and Treble Cone ski field being the focus for different artworks there is real variety in this collection, although my fave is still the Large featuring Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. I always find it surprising to see whats at the bottom of those beautiful expanses of water. As always Aran has been telling me the fun facts he as uncovered as he has worked through the different designs.

Some fun facts

  1. The bottoms of both Lakes Wanaka and Hawea are both below sea level

  2. They are both very deep as lakes go with the bottom of Lake Wanaka 311m and Lake Hawea 392m

  3. The surface of Lake Hawea is almost 100m higher than the surface of Lake Wanaka (which brought me to thinking how we could portray this in one of our artworks and after some discussion it could be done on an Extra Large size that featured both the topography and the bathymetry in one artwork - someone really needs to order one of these so we can see how cool it looks!)

  4. If you want your instagram selfie at the top of Roys Peak it is a 5 hour return hike and just over 1.5km incline. I have a lot more respect for those people who have their perfect wedding shot taken up there!

  5. The place where Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea are very close together is called The Neck and at this point they are only 1000m apart.


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