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Sustainability @ The Furnace

All our small maps now come in our signature unbleached cardboard giftbox. Inside the box you will find your map wrapped in an eco-friendly compostable bag to ensure the frame doesn’t get scuffed. We have over the last few months also been working on our courier packaging which has proved a bit more challenging to solve than the presentation box. Just in time for #plasticfreeJuly we have used up our last courier bag and all our small maps are now posted in an inventive oversized cardboard wrap that gives the extra crush protection to the corners ensuring your map still arrives in mint condition. By printing out the labels we avoid having to use a courier bag and everything is even held together with cellulose based compostable tape! The larger maps are proving a bit more of a challenge. We have trialled a few different options but haven’t found anything suitable to protect these high value artworks yet in the post, but we are working hard on finding solutions!


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