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Recycling Week

Its recycling week this week in NZ so thought we'd share a few interesting things we've learned about recycling lately.

Full Circle Recycling

Full Circle collect all our cardboard and paper waste here at The Furnace. They then bring it to their recycling centre and turn it back into cardboard on the spot. All done right here in NZ.

Check out their video of the process below


Did you know you can drop off your old clothes and textiles for recycling to any H&M store? Bring in a bag in exchange for a 15% discount voucher on your next purchase! The textiles are then all sorted by hand. Clothing that can be worn again is marketed as second-hand goods. Clothes that can't be reworn are converted into other products such as cleaning cloths, and textiles that can't be reused are recycled to make products such as acoustic damping and insulation materials for the auto industry. Read more about their Close the Loop Project here.

Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme

Previously difficult to recycle soft plastics (including plastic bags and soft packaging) can now be recycled through this scheme where they get turned into other products like park benches and fence posts. Recycling bins are located at many NZ supermarkets and hardware stores, as well as at The Warehouse. The bench below made by Replas Plastic Products is made from 16,250 plastic bags!

Bench made from recycled plastic bags
The Replas Beachcomber bench


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